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Scalp Micropigmentation Marketing


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Scalp Micropigmentaion Industry Minded

We're not just another web company. At Global, we're experienced and specific to the scalp micropigmentation industry.

Web Development

Responsive and fluid websites across all platforms. Choose from one of premade templates or customize your own design.

Social Media

Stay connected and increase traffic, popularity, and conversions with the right social media tactics. Find your ideal audience.

Digital Designs

Our team creates beautifully crafted digital marketing portfolios for your business. Product images, movies, snippets, brochures, before & afters, logo designs and more.


Increase traffic to your site, suppress negative reviews, manage your pay per click ads, maximize your return on investments in one convenient place.

Built for performance

Global is comprised of a team of media marketing specialists. We will know that the face of your business begins with a good looking, functional, high performing website. We collaborate with you and your staff to generate a website that represents your brand on a user-friendly platform.  Global services range from a new website to monthly hosting and management. Already have a site? No problem, we can help revamp your existing media and tailor them to your future style.

Keep the music going

Global is committed to creating masterful works of art for each client. Our team of digital design experts have ten plus years of digital experience, half of which has been spent working with scalp micropigmentation clients. We generate logos, brochures, print products, and excel in product videos, images, snippets, youtube videos, web images and videos.  We carefully craft each portfolio to build upon your brand and style.

Houston, we're ready for takeoff

At Global scalp micropigmentation marketing we know that while looking great makes you feel good, you still need more to pay the bills. We pride ourselves in our SEO, Social Media Marketing, and PPC services. We're more than just creating you that perfect logo and website, we're all about getting you traffic to increase conversions and sales. This ranges from a wide variety of services, depending on your needs. Our team specialized in Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Suppression, PPC ads and remarketing services.

Our invitation to collaborate 

It all starts with a conversation! Consider this our open invitation to call and consult with our team at any time. Each client has unique and specific goals in which we collaborate and generate a business plan.  Have a disgruntled old client? No problem, our grass routes are in suppression and promotion of positive media. Need to get going fast? Great, our team works up a PPC plan that is affordable to get you noticed quickly while we work on your organic traffic.  Whatever your business needs are we hope you'll drop us a line to see if together we can generate a positive impact on your business life.

Finding the missing piece to your puzzle.

Top of the line SMP Marketing Solutions

It is hard enough to get your business up and running, let alone have to worry about finding the right web company. Do they get me, do they understand my business and objectives? We're happy to say that yes we do! We are an independent marketing agency with a passion for the scalp micropigmentation industry. Our first SMP client inspired us and we haven't looked back since. We understand your industry and the challenges, competition you face. We work with business around the globe to help them develop their digital marketing in both local and global markets. It's all about building trust and producing results.

  • Appearance/Design
  • Suppression/SEO
  • Business Development
  • Generating happy clients

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